The shocking moment carers push a dementia patient, 92, into bed and force her head down – but court rules they did nothing wrong

Jean Robins, 92, was filmed being forcefully lifted onto a nursing home bed At the time, her dementia was worsening and she has just broken her leg The rough-handling was filmed on a secret camera planted by her son, Ed Magistrate Gregory Smith acquitted the charged on the carers involves in March


This is the shocking moment carers at a nursing home push a resident with dementia into her bed and force her head down, but a court ruled they did nothing wrong.

The distressing footage shows employees pulling at Jean Robins and forcefully lifting her onto a bed in an aged care home in Perth.

The 92-year-old’s dementia was worsening and she had recently broken her leg when the incident was caught on a hidden camera in 2016. Watch here.

Mrs Robins’ son, Ed, planted the camera when he noticed bruising and skin tears on his mother.

The concerned son said there were occasions his beloved mother was left on the floor crying for help for more that 20 minutes.

The minute-long footage – which was supplied to Four Corners – repeatedly shows Mrs Robins’ attempting to defend herself against the workers, who laugh at her.

It also shows the workers flinging her legs on to the bed and forcing her down by her shoulders and head.

‘Mum was in pain, obviously, putting her hands up to protect herself, and they’re throwing her leg in,’ Mr Robins said.

‘She was being abused. There’s different types of abuse. She has been physically abused, in our eyes, and from what we were told by the police.’

Mr Robins took the footage to Morrison Lodge, where the abuse took place. The Lodge then reported it to Perth police.

Two of the carers were charged 12 counts of assault but Magistrate Gregory Smith acquitted them of all charges.

Magistrate Smith likened the handling of the elderly woman to that of a difficult child.

He said to the court ‘if that child is compliant, then some force is needed, but not much. If the child is resisting, then more force is needed.

‘If the child is throwing a complete tantrum, then obviously extra force is needed to achieve what has to be achieved.’


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