Signs that your thyroid is not functioning properly


Thyroid dysfunction is a major illness which affects many but they don’t even know of it. Problems start clumping when a lump forms at the base of the thyroid gland which affects the normal production of important hormones. Difficulty in maintaining weight, hair thinning and irregular blood pressure are the most prominent signs of your thyroid acting up but there are some lesser known, mostly ignored signs which can point out trouble at an early stage.


Do you feel tired and drained out every day? You might be simply ignoring this but there it may have a link to your thyroid. An underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism can limit the hormone production and lead to low energy levels, which can cause fatigue even after getting proper hours of sleep or doing nothing all day.


When the thyroid gets inflammed, the hormone production also increases and this hormone fluctuation can cause mood swings which is one of the first signs of depression. Depending on the person’s condition, hormone production can even trigger anxiety in some and interfere with your mental well being.


Facing an irritable bowel or constipation once in a while is called normal. However, when the problem happens regularly, it is possible that the thyroid is to be blamed. When the thyroid does not work properly, one of its main functions which is maintaining metabolism also goes for a toss. When hormone production is low, constipation is triggered. It might be time for you to check up on your thyroid.


As essential as sweating is for proper body functioning, random bouts of sweating, even in colder environments can be quite unhealthy. When the energy levelling hormones are compromised, sweating may increase and make you feel warm even in colder environment.

6/8Dry skin

Everybody has a different skin condition and mostly, we think of dry skin as an indication of weather change. But, thyroid has a role to play here too. In some cases, it may cause excess sweating but in some, it might be difficult to regulate sweating and the lack of moisture caused by not sweating enough can lead to dry, flaky skin.

7/8Change in tastebuds

Yes, thyroid can also have an effect on your sense of smell and taste buds. If you find yourself not liking or staying away from food choices which were once your favourite, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your thyroid. It can produce an excess of some hormones, which can make you lose your appetite all of a sudden.

8/8Menstrual cycle changes

Although there is no direct linkage to thyroid affecting menstruation, a mismatch in the hormone levels can affect your cycle. When a woman, facing thyroid trouble loses out on her appetite, it may make her anaemic and lose out on RBCs and indirectly affect periods. Any sort of irregularity should be treated right away.


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