“It was more of a glancing blow off the corners of the vehicles,” Sgt. Brian Smith with the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Far as I could tell, it looked like the jeep hit the ditch, flipped over my lilac bush and landed in my yard,” homeowner Dave Pemberton added. 

The other car, holding a mother with her teenage son in the front seat, slammed into Pemberton’s house.

“Moved the bedroom six inches over,” he explained. “All the drywall in the bedroom is cracked.”

In the five years he’s lived on the corner of Easton and Reed Roads, Pemberton said he’s never seen a crash. Likely, he said, because traffic on Reed Road has to stop. But, there was no indication of that September 9th.

“I was pretty angry about it. This was something that was clearly intentional. Someone took this sign from that intersection and common sense would tell you that this could be the consequence of that,” Sgt. Smith said. “This is a really dangerous act, you know, what happened here.”

Sgt. Smith said the 14-year-old boy is lucky to have survived.

He explained, “The brain injuries were so severe that he had brain swelling, so they had to remove a piece of his skull to alleviate that swelling. That piece of skull is still removed and it’s probably going to be quite awhile, according to the mom, before that’s put back in.”

He’s now suffering a life-long injury Sgt Smith said could’ve been avoided.

The stop sign was found just days later thrown in a ditch about 3 miles away. Swabs of DNA are being tested now.

“But, you know, we want someone out there to help us out a little bit with this and give us what information they have,” Sgt. Smith said. “Or, the suspects in this case to step forward and do the honorable thing and, you know, take responsibility.”

If you have any information about who stole the stop sign, you’re urged to call the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office.


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