10 Stunning Illustrations That Reflect About The Modern Society


The world is dependent on technology and in society but what it reflects is the fact about the orthodox mind and reality of modern age. People depend on others, technology, lack of efficiency, productivity and sometimes they lose interest in society. These illustrations have perfectly shown the examples of today’s reality which gives us the moral and truth which we differ to ignore. So here are the stunning illustrations that reflect about the modern society.

Affecting yourself

The generation has been passed but it never took a huge toll on society, as they are taking centre stage in creating and dividing society and making differences among people. When you know that it can destroy, but you still prefer it.

Social media is everything

Social media is something, where not a single person on earth is not addicted to it, and it seems like you only want to grab attention after revealing yourself or just get all the fame.

Parents do affect the children

Parents are the one nurture us but when things go bad between both of them it only affects the children and they are the one most suffering, who wish that it could stop or end the differences between their parents.

Technology has taken its toll

Technology has been developing and so also society, well the thing is people are more depending on technology rather than people and there are less productivity and efficiency in society. You also give importance to other things with a lack of your mind.

When two face is everything

Nowadays, people are roaming with two faces, well it means that you probably forget to love yourself and are depended on being fake just to show the world that you lack in sadness. The picture says it all, which discusses that two people are showing themselves as happy but inside they are lacking in self confidence.

You depend on others point of view

We are surrounded with so many people and trust too many that we forget who is trustworthy and who is not, Sometimes they are ones who are backstabbing and the ones who show the wrong path.

World is destroying itself

The world has been struggling with corruptions that discusses that we are the people who are destroying its nature and the society the true value of money and the lack of leadership.

Rich VS Poor

Rich is becoming richer and poor is getting poorer day by day, because of their benefit they would even destroy the daily source of bread and even evacuate the nation. Industries have been the only reason for poverty in the nation.

Burden is costing too much

Competition has been arising day by day and even parents motivate their children just to prove themselves and taught them to stand out from the commoners, but we lack are the fact that children are the suffering with all that burden.

Trend matters!

The trend is something which never fades and even if t means to affect the nature, we would do anything just to prove ourself and to gain fame from the society. Which we are aware that it is affecting the mother nature. So these are a stunning illustration that reflects about modern society.


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